Dead Animal Removal & Cleanup Services

Dead Animal Removal & Cleanup Services

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Animal Droppings in Atlanta Homes

If you find animal droppings or feces somewhere in or around your ATL home, chances are you have had or still had a wildlife animal problem and will need to remove animal droppings. Most commonly people find rodent droppings in their kitchens, animal droppings in their garages or animal droppings in the attics or other places animals go looking for warmth or to have their litters.  If you find animal droppings in any of these areas of your Atlanta home, you should contact Affordable Wildlife Control to remediate the problem.


Rodent droppings in kitchens are usually found under or in cabinets or drawers or inside stoves and under and behind refrigerators. Obviously these are signs of a much larger problem, a rodent infestation. Don’t panic though, call us today and we can affordably and efficiently treat the ATL rodent infestation and then clean up the animal droppings in your kitchen.


Animal droppings in your garage are a common problem. Especially over the winter months when it is dusk or later when you arrive home and animals are looking for a warm
place to sleep or nest. Atlanta wild animals, especially raccoon and squirrels already sense the warmth from our structures and are constantly looking for a way to gain access to our ATL homes. It is not uncommon for them to follow a driver into the garage and then spend a warm night under the car where the heat will radiate for hours. During the night it is inevitable that the animal will need to defecate and leave behind some feces and urine in your garage. Again, don’t panic, call us, we can diagnose the problem, remediate it, and clean up the animal feces in your the garage.


Animal droppings in your Atlanta GA attic are probably the most severe of problems when it come to urine or feces cleanup in your home for a few reasons. Foremost in many cases there are ducts that run through your attic, that means the bacteria caused from the decay of animal droppings can be pumped throughout your home posing serious health issues for your family. Second, it is evidence of a entry point somewhere along your roof line and the first thing we will address is the identification of the entry point and installation of a one way tunnel system to evict the animals from your attic. Then we will clean up all the animal droppings and if needed re-insulate your attic.